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Wow! Smells like team spirit

Wow! Smells like team spirit

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Are you ready for whatever the future brings? The word on the street is that going agile and doing digital transformation is the answer to everything. And maybe it is, but do you know how to do it in practice? 

Based on their personal experiences from Zalando, Telenor and DNB, Julia Paulsen and Marte Dille will share their WOW (Way of Work) universe that sparked a mindset change which enabled the team to achieve their goals. Fast.

The WOW universe consists of 5 practical steps that show exactly what you and your team can do to be ready for the future.

This book will give you:

    • All the buzzwords turned into practice
    • Concrete exercises in PowerPoint format so you and your team can start working on your WOW today
    • An inside view on how leading businesses like Zalando and DNB have succeed in their change journey
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